Quite by chance, I stumbled upon this trade while looking for something else entirely at the public library.

The cover caught my eye but the writer’s name drew me to pick it up – G. Willow Wilson (Ms. Marvel, Wonder Woman). The blurb on the back read –

In a distant galaxy, two women discover an inconceivable conspiracy between the world’s most dominant religion and an all-powerful mega corporation.

or as Wilson describes her inspiration, “a story about a space nun”.

As a fan of Dune, how could I say no?

Artist Christian Ward (see some of his art here) has a fluid style that reminds me of Fiona Staple’s in Saga. Meanwhile the storyline itself plays out like Firefly, a rag tag crew just trying to keep the ship together long enough to get paid by the mega-corp Lux. Counterpoint to this is a pilgrim following her calling to follow the Path of a monastic order that renounces wealth and possessions. Then with two secrets uncovered, everything starts to unravel and the these two stories become one and on the run from both the mega-corp and the order.

The world building is pretty rich with multiple aliens and worlds but without overwhelming the reader with exposition and backstory. I expect more of the universe to unfold as the series goes on and I do plan on following up with it.

For a sneak peek, Dark Horse has a preview from issue #1