I recently discovered a show called “My Life is Murder” starring Lucy Lawless (answering the question what Xena is doing post Warrior Princess besides shows like Burn Notice).

Found a copy of season 1 at the public library and gonna give it a spin (also streaming on Acorn at this time, a great source of many a murder mystery show).

I’ve watched a couple of episodes so far and finding the beats of the show. So far, fairly light and mildly comedic in the banter as a retired cop is called back as a consultant / cold case investigator and gains a side kick / understudy. Why she left the police is the Dark Past that is only getting revealed a little bit at a time and I’m going to bet that there will be some sort of season finale that connects to those reasons.

The principals include –

  • Alexa Crowe (Lucy Lawless) – unconventional and snarky but with a keen eye and knack for smelling out the guilty. She goes snooping undercover but in a casual way and without the elaborate back story. She also bakes bread. It’s a thing.
  • Madison Feliciano (Ebony Vagulans) – a brilliant data analyst and who Alexa goes to for finding the facts that others have missed. She’s eager to learn about being a detective from Alexa, but Alexa is less enthusiastic about that.
  • DI Kieran Hussey (Bernard Curry) – The cop that brings Alexa the cold cases for a set of fresh eyes and appears to have some sort of shared back story with Alexa.
  • Harry Henare (Rawiri Jobe) – The owner and operator of the coffee shop that Alexa provides bread for. He’s not directly involved in the cases but provides that local hangout for the main cast to gather.

The shape of episodes is a flashback related to the case and then Kieran beings Alexa the case to look at. She then starts poking about and develops a hunch for who probably did it, calls up Madison to dig into the records and find something interesting so more police procedural with a detective who can be less conventional. Not a cozy murder show but not grim and dark either, and for some reason I am reminded more of Magnum PI than Castle or Murder She Wrote.

Trailer for Season 1