Is it that time of the decade again?

Honestly, it’s a fact Wikipedia that – since the turn of the 20th Century, there has been at least one production of the Three Musketeers per decade. That doesn’t include the numerous other spinoffs of television serials, sequels inspired by the source material, and animated versions (from Barbie to Mickey Mouse and everything in between!). It’s been covered in multiple countries in multiple languages (and even an Asylum release, have they no shame!) and I imagine it will continue to do so for a century to come.

One of these things is not quite the same, one of these things doesn’t belong …

And once more there will be Another Three Musketeers adaptation, back on the Big Screen. It also appears to be the first of at least two movies, this one being “The Three Musketeers: D’Artagnan” and the next “The Three Musketeers: Milady“. It may be at the front of an entire wave of swashbuckling shows as we’ve seen happen with other genres and if well done, I’d support that. The works of Dumas alone have given us The Man in the Iron Mask, The Count of Monte Cristo, and inspired the likes of Revenge of the Musketeers (1994)and Young Blades (2005) (Sturgeon’s Law may apply with some of this as with any genre boom, there’s gonna be some crap to shovel through like Ring of the Musketeers with David Hasselhoff).

With the 2023 entry, except for Eva Green (Casino Royal, 300: Rise of an Empire, Penny Dreadful, etc.), the cast is relatively new and unknown to North American audiences (Vincent Cassel might be the exception with Westworld, but I thought him pretty memorable for Underwater). Jacob Fortune-Lloyd as Buckingham (most likely one of the villains in this piece) has had some minor celebrity with See How They Run, an unnamed fleet officer in Star Wars: Ep IX – The Rise of Skywalker, and some television appearances. The quality of the villains have certainly been a significant factor to other efforts (Cardinal Richelieu having been portrayed by Tim Curry and Vincent Price for example). The director has a couple of movies under their belt as a primary and secondary director and writer. It also appears to be subtitled which hasn’t been popular for North American action films but Everything Everywhere All At Once might have helped break through that stigma for some.

Overall, it looks like it will be lush and sweeping with its fair share of grittiness as needed. I certainly have higher hopes for it than I did for the star studded 2011 attempt …


2 thoughts on “Media – Three Musketeers 2023 coming soon

  1. Wasn’t aware of this but you’re dead on. Robin Hood is the other property that they seem to march out at least once every decade. Both are properties I enjoy but I never have high hopes when I see either new iteration come around.

    Do you have a favorite version of the Musketeers? I’m dating myself but I love the 1973 adaption with Richard Chamberlin & Michael York. I was only 3 when it was released. However, it played on TV regularly in the late 1970s & early 1980s. This was just as I was getting into gaming and the swashbuckling & camaraderie really helped to form my early images of what an adventuring party would be like.

    The other thing I’ve always loved about the Musketeer stories is how capable they are. Movie tropes often show characters who aren’t quite good enough until the 3rd act. However, the Musketeers are at the top of their game from the offset. If some ways the are not unlike superhero movies in that regard. Great post!


    1. I’m a fan of the 1973 version as well, daring and dashing and the fights were great (the tavern brawl for dinner is hilarious!) and ranks high with me. Meanwhile the scenery chewing of Tim Curry & Company in the Disney one makes for a great popcorn movie of mindless fun (being a fan of Oliver Platt and Michael WIncott make me a bit bias here as well). If one doesn’t mind subtitles, Revenge of the Musketeers with Sophie Marceau gets a nod from me as well. It starts off silly but eventually turns into a Musketeer reunion as the old crew band together once more for King and Country.

      On a related note, equal parts cheesy and gorgeous – Journey of Honor, the adventures of a samurai who travels to Spain on behalf of his warlord Tokugawa. Featuring the talents of Sho Kusugi in the lead and Christopher Lee and John Rhys Davies in supporting bit parts, it really feels like it too was made in the 70s. The trailer and the full movie can usually be tracked down on youtube (I originally watched it in glorious VHS).


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