“Bedford’s sodas have been a Pacific Northwest tradition for over 30 years. Handcrafted and known for outstanding flavor, Bedford’s is now available from coast to coast and considered a fine example of a regional soda made with care and quality ingredients. Enjoy a Bedford’s for flavor and refreshment. 12 – 12 oz. glass bottled sodas made with pure cane sugar.” – from the Orca Beverage site

Bedford Root Beer

As root beers go, this was pretty good. It had a couple of distinct notes in its taste, almost a hint of pepper to it, so I’m calling this one above average. Overall, I’ve been happy with most of the beverages I’ve had with an Orca Cola label on it.

Bedford Ginger Beer

Many ginger beers have an unforgiving burn, appealing to those who seek out suicide hot wings for the challenge more than the taste. I was pleased to discover that this was not one of those cases. There was a strong ginger tingle that had heat without a burn and the slightly milder taste went down pretty well. Still stronger than a ginger ale but a decent starter ginger beer (non alcoholic) for those curious and concerned about the heat.