I rarely listen to much radio or watch non-streamed content so I depend on the suggestions of others or random ‘Because you liked …” prompts. My circle of associates and my tastes are best described as eclectic. Here’s what’s catching my interest this week … Your personal mileage may vary.

MARVEL What If … ? (mini series of 9 episodes, streaming on Disney +)

One small change can make worlds of difference …

As a fan of the comic series (there were a few), I was very excited at this animated adaptation. It stuck closely alternate versions of the MCU and basically no relation to the comics themselves. Overall, enjoyed it but it had more tragic endings than merely shuffling the pieces as was more common in the comic version. That being said, the final two episodes are the pay off for what was set up in the previous 7 (or was it 8? see below)

Screen Crush: WHAT IF: The Missing Gamora + Tony Stark Sakaar Episode, Explained
If you haven’t watched the rest of What If … ? this has got a fair number of either spoilers or things that will confuse you. It would have been an interesting episode. It also makes a good case for how central to the MCU Tony Stark is.

Mark Rober: Backyard Squirrel Maze 1.0 Ninja Warrior Course

The backyard of a man with more skills, curiosity, and time than most of us …

I initially stumbled on Mark Rober as the ‘Glitter Bomb vs. Porch Bandits’ guy. Then I discovered that he had a very sizable following for his other engineering and science escapades. I was watching this older video again after a buddy posted pictures of the squirrel in their yard.

Jill Bearup: Size Does Matter

Stage combat and storytelling with Jill Bearup – worth the watch

From storytelling through martial combat to logical fallacies to murder dresses, Jill Bearup is a delight to watch and listen to. This particular episode is fairly recent and leans more towards an experiment with martial combat but overall is three friends (short, medium, tall) with weapons of various length being tested in the backyard.



Imaginary Worlds: Have Yourself a Scary Little Krampus
Krampus is that Christmas tradition that’s becoming more mainstream these days, but what are the origins of this holiday boogeyman and what has been his cultural identity in the past and present?

The Sly Flourish D&D Podcast: Blades in the Dark Prep – Session 1
If you run a game of D&D and you don’t listen to Sly Flourish or read his blog, you are missing out on some great advice and inspiration. In this particular episode, he’s preparing for a game that is very different in outlook and mechanics than most d20 based TTRPGs. I found this one interesting as he tried to adapt his tools to something other than D&D and it’s a system I hope to play or run this year.

Excerpts From the Unending Eclectic Playlist

Eyes of the Nightmare Jungle: Shadow Dance
It’s like a blast to the past (the 80s and 90s technically) with a very limited discology. It echoed so much of the early rock goth movement that I would not have been surprised if they were one of the splinter groups that spawned from the Sisters of Mercy. Showed up as a recommended video on youtube.

Cybertronic Spree: Dare to be Stupid, 90s X-Men / Spider-Man Medley, True Survivor
Cybertronic Spree has apparently been around since at least 2013 but I only came upon them in the last five years. As a cosplay 80s / 90s pop cover band, they put on a great show! I marvel not only at the outfits but how well they can still interact with their instruments. There are plenty of videos (official and fan recorded) but these are three that I keep coming back to. Sadly, at this time there are only a few that can be acquired through their Bandcamp page.