So as might be self evident, I game a bit. Dungeons & Dragons is a major part of that time spent gaming, and has been across many iterations of said game. I’ve even dabbled in content creation on the DMsGuild (might have made up to $10 to date, but still).

Wizards of the Coast has stumbled here and there but at heart seemed committed to we geeks that supported this hobby. One of the things that helped keep it great was the Open Game License – basically giving permission to other creators to make content that could be used with D&D as long as the source material was recognized. It’s responsible for the many D20 driven products out there. According to the current document that’s been leaked, that ain’t gonna be the case anymore.

It’s painful to see, particularly as these 3rd party products, ranging from youtube channels to sourcebooks to virtual table top creations, are reaching the widest audience this game has ever had.

I’m blaming Hasbro for this one, who thought they saw an opportunity to make some real money at the cost of the game itself. Wouldn’t be the first time D&D has gone through this and it might survive this time around too, but it’s gonna suck some of the joy out of it for the meantime.

Want more info? Gizmodo did a good piece on it.
UPDATE – There is now a dedicated site with additional information, an IP lawyer’s response, and a petition to sign.

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