Three thieves (who appear to have a bit of a Robin Hood generosity going on) find themselves on the run after a slip up on a heist. They find a place to lay low – in a retirement home. Once there, they find themselves at odds with the owner / operator who has some schemes of her own going on …

It’s originally in Polish but the dubbing is okay (not great, but okay) but I can totally see some American film company picking this up and casting the likes of Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin (they’ve done some bits together), Helen Mirren, or even Rita Moreno for the main leads. There are a great number of talented older actors we haven’t seen much of lately to fill in the roles supporting roles (who could forget how awesome Helen Mirren was in Red and its sequel), plus casting a younger actor for the detective putting the pieces together between the thefts.

Weighing in at 8 episodes of about 35 min, it isn’t a huge commitment timewise compared to Money Heist or many other shows that take an entire season of 12 hour lang episodes to deal with a single murder. I’m only up to episode 6 of 8 but still curious as to how they will end this. Overall, I kind of hope they don’t go to a second season as this is the kind of show that plays well as a closed unit.

It really isn’t about the heist except for as a the kick off. Instead, it focuses on the characters and their schemes, so not my usual murder-verse mystery fare. In some ways I’m reminded of a Dead Poets Society or Patch Adams where the new folks bring a renewal and hope to the community, but the moments of comedy are small ones with a smirk rather than the belly guffaw of a Robin Williams feature. Your mileage will vary according to how much you wind up rooting for this trio.