Spelljammer for D&D 5E just dropped and I am still working my way through the material (honestly, a mixed bag of what I expected and what I found to be lacking, but that’s a topic for another time). However to jump start the brain into thinking about the setting, I sat down and started writing up trinkets as inspired by the elements of setting appropriate creatures, high seas adventures, and a hint of steampunk. Eventually, I expect that there will be a part 2 with a few small carved models of ships, a fish suit dolly, and a space hamster plushie …

UPDATE: Up to 40 Random Trinkets for Spelljammer, now on DrivethruRPG!

All in the name of space hamsters!

Meanwhile, 20+ Trinkets for a Spelljammer game

  1. An iridescent shard from the egg shell of a lunar dragon
  2. A polished winding brass key, for use in some unknown device
  3. A glass jar of luminous ooze
  4. A meteoric stone carved in the shape of a turtle
  5. A hefty smoking pipe carved from the horn of an unknown creature
  6. A set of small wrist bangles with brightly colored streamers
  7. A hemp pouch of space guppy chow
  8. An oil can that plays tinny music when used
  9. A faded map supposedly made by a famed wildspace explorer
  10. A reliquary supposedly containing the toenail of a dead god
  11. A flag belonging to a spelljammer lost in wildspace
  12. A leather glove for a hand with three fingers
  13. A ball of swirling bright colors that fits on your nose
  14. An oversized eyepatch fitted for a Thri-Kreen
  15. A tin pillbox labelled “The Captain’s Friend”, three unmarked pills remain
  16. A six inch metal rod inscribed with notches and numbers written in many languages
  17. A silk handkerchief embroidered with draconic letters along it’s hem
  18. A wind up clockwork timer that emits a psionic ‘ping’ two minutes after it has been wound
  19. A carved wooden spoon that spins widdershins if left untended
  20. A chipped telescope lens of crystal fashioned into an earring
  21. A sweet smelling blue flower that never seems to wilt or fade
  22. A bosun’s whistle carved from a blood red bone
  23. A leather belt that gradually changes color over time
  24. A knitted cap of many colors, sized for a small creature and labelled “With love, from Mother”
  25. A smooth stone that fits in your palm that makes chirping noises when spoken to
  26. A glove from a fish suit, the end ripped in several places and stained a deep purple
  27. A small tin of glittering hair gel that smells of petrichor
  28. A cracked shoulder carapace of a thri-keen, etched with the image of a solar dragon
  29. A small copper bell that only rings in darkness
  30. A stuffed space guppy that smells faintly of citrus