Teddy’s Root Beer

I found this to have the classic slightly bitter ala sarsaparilla flavour. High fructose corn syrup came in as the second ingredient and sucralose in there at the end, so there is a fair bit of sugar lurking in this bottle. I’ve had some really sharp tasting root beers but this one comes across as pretty mellow. I’d drink again but nothing spectacular or unique about this one.

Teddy’s Cream Soda

It was extremely fizzy (though admittedly it had survived a weekend in the trunk and a 4+ hour road trip to get to the house but the Root Beer didn’t have this problem). It was extremely sweet, with a bit of that classic cream soda mouth feel and mellowed with the after taste. Checking the ingredient list, once again high fructose corn syrup was the second ingredient so not much of a surprise. I’ve had more interesting cream sodas before, but still returned to sipping a half glass full over a couple of days.

Apparently Teddy’s isn’t available in Canada. I came upon these two while in Montana, but apparently Teddy’s makes a wide variety of flavours. Based on these two, I’d be willing to try the others. In themselves, not exceptional but decent taste (from natural and artificial flavours) and mouth feel. The plastic bottle being 769 ml (so over two standard 355 ml cans worth) is a decent size, not as imposing as a 1 L but still far better than one of those smaller bottles so popular these days. As a Canadian, I’m used to most clear sodas to be caffeine free and a good number of root beers as well. For those cutting back on it, nice to have an option.