An entire story can be found in a single item, be it magical or mundane. They might spark player inspiration, reflect the personality of an NPC, or lead to a side quest.

Consider one of these found pressed into a Call of Cthulhu grimoire, a spell book for your Favourite Fantasy RPG, or a trinket for a scholarly character.

  1. A narrow piece of vellum with a single prayer written on it
  2. A cloth of gold with woven tassels hanging from it
  3. A woven scarf of spider silk, patterned with red and black patterns
  4. A piece of gold leaf, pounded flat and marked with Dwarven runes that lists the names of lost kings
  5. A folded battle map from an infamous battle
  6. A piece of fabric with a hand painted portrait of a dead queen
  7. A strip of skin with an flattened eye that opens and moves when unwatched
  8. A single hook of adamantine, bejewelled about the bend
  9. A silk handkerchief embroidered with initials and the heraldry of a noble house
  10. A lock of black hair that grows a little every night
  11. The fletching of an arrow tied to a braid of hair
  12. A glass bead hanging a page originally from another book
  13. A braided string made from the hair of an unknown animal
  14. A dried and pressed leaf from a dryad’s head
  15. A single braid of hair from an otherworldly queen that glows when exposed to moonlight
  16. A much stained piece of paper with a recipe for stew written on it
  17. A scrap of plaid fabric that smells of tree sap
  18. A flattened platinum strip with sliding taps to mark multiple pages at a time
  19. A pressed pixie corpse that is otherwise perfectly preserved
  20. A slender strip of gold that chimes when opened to the bookmark
  21. A folded wanted poster of one of the characters
  22. A torn end of a leather belt, inscribed with an ancient language
  23. A piece of reptilian hide that shows part of a brand
  24. An ink stained slice of bone
  25. A shimmering feather
  26. A folded contract with that has been signed by an official
  27. A single sheet of mica that bends without breaking
  28. An invocation dedicated to an elder god, written on a scroll and flattened between the pages
  29. A thin slice of a dragon scale
  30. A mummified tentacle

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