I’m a big fan of the ‘dressing’ to be found in an encounter. It’s those little details that spark the imagination and create verisimilitude and potential hooks into the greater setting and story.
I recommend Raging Swan Press as an excellent source for multiple random things to be found in an encounter.

It could be a bandit camp or a war band or just about any armed force that has set up a temporary resting place. One thing is for sure, it isn’t a static scene that your players are walking into. Some are opportunities to be exploited, others a warning to hang back for later. The next time you need an encounter with an armed camp, roll or choose or take inspiration from the choices below.

20 Random Things – Happening in a Bandit Camp

1d20Random Things Happening in a Bandit Camp
1On the edge of camp, a bandit on a bathroom break or emptying a chamber pot
2Multiple bandits are engaged in game of chance, what are they gambling for?
3Bandits are at the ready, doing a fighting drill in preparation for a planned attack
4Bandit Captain is doing an inspection of the camp, are they distracted or more alert?
5Laundry day! Bandits in a various stage of undress
6Animals are being fed, what animals do they keep?
7An argument has broken out, weapons are drawn but are they distracted?
8A hunting party is out foraging for food, they might find the party or just return later
9Someone is taking a bath, shaving, dealing with other toiletries
10It’s mealtime, what are they eating?
11A contest of strength or skill is going on
12Supplies are being moved, is it loading up a wagon or packing away the freshly pillaged loot?
13A barricade is being built up, either a temporary one or they’re digging in for the season
14Loot is being divvied out
15Someone is telling a story or performing a song, could be a clue in that or a distraction
16Fires are being started or tended, firewood being gathered
17Someone is getting a ritualized scar or tattoo, is it a rite of passage or a celebration?
18A religious ceremony is in progress, what are they worshipping or trying to appease?
19Prisoners are being checked on, could be a food drop off or interrogation or other
20Someone is getting punished for an infraction, is it a whipping or something more serious?

Cover image designed by Carl Speakman on Inkarnate