2 to 5 Players
Type: Card Placement

Mice, mice, baby, uh huh!

How to play / win
Strategically place your mice cards to be the second mouse to reach the cheese. The most cheese after five rounds wins! A random shuffle determines the order of which mice reaches the cheese first and you have a rough idea of what color of mice the other players will be playing but not all cards are played face up.

Wooden figs reveal what color of mice you are playing this round, cards showing the ‘speed’ of the mice. Mice cards are played alternating face up and face down from the trap. Events can change this.

What I liked
Fun mice images, light strategy thinking, and the five turns go by pretty quick meaning you reach endgame in well under an hour. Once you play a few games, there are some extra event cards to add some more variations to game play.

With this I took issue …
If any of your players have vision difficulties with color, they might have trouble differentiating between the blue and green colored mouse cards.

*Inspired by the excellent podcast, “Into the Meepleverse” and their discussion of gaming resolutions for the year, I decided to make some resolutions of my own including trying to play at least ten boardgames new to me for 2021.