1 to 5 players (depending on mission)
Type: Exploration / Fighting, your choice of Co-operative, Competitive, or One vs. Many

How to play / win
Pick one of the many missions and play mode (Co-op, Competitive, etc.). Typically you will have to explore the ‘board’ (cards laid out at random around the central ‘refuge’ card) to acquire items, avoid or kill zombies, and complete the mission objectives. Each survivor has a unique ability, even if they are turned to a zombie.

Tiny Epic Zombies isn’t afraid to play off all the classic Zombie tropes …

What I liked
Like most Tiny Epic Games, this is a pretty quick moving game once you get into it. It feels like ‘Dead of Winter’ without being quite as bleak. It also has nifty little weapons to add to your Meeple. Between the different survivors and varied scenarios / missions, there should be a good amount of replay.

With this I took issue …
Not so much an issue, but if you don’t care for living or dying on a single dice roll, this game may not be for you as the dice can quickly change how many zombies suddenly surge around you.

*Inspired by the excellent podcast, “Into the Meepleverse” and their discussion of gaming resolutions for the year, I decided to make some resolutions of my own including trying to play at least ten boardgames new to me.