Blades in the Dark – Faction Tokens

Blades in the Dark is a game with a lot of moving pieces to keep track of. Rival crews, conflicting factions, contacts, and turf to be fought over.

I’m currently preparing for a game via Roll20 and even though it isn’t a tactically oriented game, I’m a visual person and put together a hefty rack of NPC images (how could I NOT use Mark Shepherd as an NPC?). Some actors are just too iconic too ignore!

In an ongoing D&D game I’m running via Roll20, I’ve been using lots of the token markers to label NPC images according to faction and region. I decided to do something similar with this Blades set up, to mark the NPC images with a token for the PC connection and a faction token. Instead of trying to create individual symbols for all the many many Duskvol factions, I took the lazy route. I created a JPG image with text of the faction names and cut them up with Token Stamp Advantage to make them roughly uniform. Then I set them up as token markers in Roll20 to label NPCs, as images to drop on the display as needed, and finally as avatars for the factions.

If interested, here are the tokens with red border.